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This system uses German company’s technology, the new structure, majority of components using stamping and bending forming, so it have good rigidity, light weight and good interchangeability. Using the inverted direct connection drive type, so make it reliable operation, easy maintenance, it suitable for 40~110mm diameter bottles.

-Modular design, good interchangeable parts, easy installation and maintenance, according to different bottle group type to combined into a different transportation methods, and it have a great flexibility.

-The electrical control system of the bottle conveyor is advanced and reasonable, according to different graphic design request to use a practicable control method, reasonable selection of the electrical control components make a smooth feeding.

– Compact structure, low noise.

– Smooth and reliable feeding, if necessary use the bottle belt synchronization tracking control , then the bottle does not falling, no blocking, no stuck during transport.

– Easy to operate, because the reasonable set of the control box is according to the product line conveyor belt arrangement, so it is easy for operation.

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Coming Soon!

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