Robotic Palletizer


Robot according to setting of the program and received work piece position signal from each product line to automatic switchover has different gripper program. All of the system unit control by PLC, it’s include exchange signal, collision signal, door closed signal, carton in position signal, pallet position signal and others logical relationship. Due to the system design and equipment configuration fully consider the security, so the workstation with high security.

Operation, program and training can be achieved by controller, controlling cable 10 meters long. The controller is KUKA version 5 controller. It embodied more than30 years’ experience of research and development of the robot technology and set a new benchmark for the automation industry. Robot Ware OS is the strongest controller operation system currently on the market which using RAPID language and KUKA special movement technology and communication technology as a whole.

Automated product line design, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Working radius 3200mm
Load 180kg
Operating temperature 10°C~55°C
Repeated accuracy ±0.08mm
Installation method ground
Weight 1940kg

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