Shrink Wrapper (1 wheel)


Exterior is compact, excellent and frame is novel, Particular, repair is easy. Electron influence for film-feeding, is placidly,film –changing is quickly. Using isothermal sealing and cutting knife .The seal’s intensity is cooling sealing & cutting knife 3 times and the use life is above cooling sealing & cutting knife 80 times. Sealing &cutting time is 0.6s. Speed regulation of transport systems by frequency variation, the transmission action is precise and synchro. The shrinkage chamber uses centrifugal thermal air circulation system, configuration is logical, heat insulation heat preservation, thermostat precision is high and the packing effect is better. During the product forward conveying process .It can automatically group the product in to package, so as to save time and enhance packing efficiency.

Machine speed 18pcs/min
Packing form 2×3、3×4、 3×5、 4×5、 4×6
Work power three-phase-five- line 380V/50Hz
Working pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Shrink chamber size L2400*W650*H1450mm
Sealing& cutting temperature 190℃~230℃
Shrink temperature 200℃~280℃
Material PE
Roll of film width ≤600mm
Roll of film thickness 0.06~0.12mm
Roll of film diameter ≤450mm
Work noise ≤65dB
Total power 30KW
Total weight 2500kg
Machine size L13840*W1100*H12100mm

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