Standard Shrink Wrapper


  1. Compact &artistic shape, the frame is novel, unique.
  2. Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film。
  3. Isothermal sealing cutter .The seal intensity is above cooling sealing cutter 3 time ,the seal is even and the life is above cooling sealing cutter 80 times.
  4. Transport system with speed regulation by frequency variation, the transmission action is precise and synchrony.
  5. The shrinkage chamber uses centrifugal thermal air circulation system, configuration is logical, heat insulation heat preservation, thermostat precision is high and the packing effect is better。
  6. Disposition :SIMENS、LG、TAIAN、OMRON 、UNIQUC、NORGEN ect advanced control component in the world, Well-equipped.

Machine speed 12pcs/min
Packing form 2×3、3×3、 2×4、3×5、 4×5、 4×6
Applicable container shape circular container、quadrate container
Total power charge 19kw ????? three-phase-five-line
Machine size L6500*W3200*H12100mm
Operating air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
Air consumption 0.4stere/min
Conveyor belt extreme breadth 304mm

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