Tray Former


This dedicated device is design and manufacture for automatic folding forming of the cup product outer packing box board. Only put the printed, cut and pressed boxboard into the feeding frame, the machine can automatic complete picking up, folding, translating, molding and sending out cartons. It adopts PLC control, human-computer interface, servo motor drive main motion and other pneumatic drive motion. This machine possess low breakage rate, high automation degree, low labor intensity high production efficiency, high stability, and easily operate and maintain, it lower the production cost of corporate greatly. It is an ideal device to replace the traditional manual tray packer to realize automatic packaging.

Machine speed 30-33CTNS/min
Supply power AC220 50Hz
Power 750W
Air consumption 0.24m3/min ? (0.8Mpa)
Air supply 0.7Mpa
Machine dimension L1600*W800*H1600mm
Machine Weight 200Kg

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